Adriana Sampaio

Assistant Professor

Office: 1020
Phone: (+351) 253 604 613


ADRIANA SAMPAIO has a PhD in Psychology by the University of Minho. Her PhD research contributed for advancing in the knowledge of neurodevelopmental disorder – Williams Syndrome, performing neurocognitive and structural studies, using magnetic resonance imaging. Currently, her main research is in the field of developmental neuroscience (e.g., neural correlates of language and social cognition in Williams syndrome and other developmental disorders, using functional MRI). She also uses neuroimaging techniques (structural MRI, DTI and fMRI) to study several cognitive and social-emotional processes (memory, theory of mind, decision making) in other neuropsychiatric disorders. Adriana Sampaio has also experience in stereological and behavioural analysis in animal models of Williams syndrome.


Curriculum Vitae (DeGóis)

Neuropsychophysiology (Research Group)