Ana Paula Soares
Assistant Professor

Office: 1100
Phone: (+351) 253 604 236


My research interests cover several different areas of language production, comprehension and acquisition. Within the Reseach Group of Psycholinguistics (housed in the Human Cognition Lab of the School of Psychology at the University of Minho), where I am the Main Researcher, we developed studies that aim to explore: the lexical and sublexical factors that affect visual-word recognition both in children and adults; the cognitive mechanisms involved in syntactic ambiguity resolution both in monolinguals and bilinguals; how bilinguals process cognate and noncognate words and acquire new ones; how subjects (monolinguals and bilinguals) recover from a Tip-of-the-Tongue state (TOT); and switch from one language to another. Lastly, we are also involved in studies that aim to develop psycholinguistic tools (e.g., lexical databases, subjective word norms) that support research in those fields of study.


Curriculum Vitae (DeGóis)
Reseach Group of Psycholinguistics (Research Group)