Eugénia Ribeiro

Assistant Professor

Office: 1024
Phone: (+351) 253 604 612

The main goal of my research is to understand how alliance between therapist and client contribute to change in psychotherapy. Therapeutic alliance has shown as a moderate but consistent predictor of therapy outcome as well as one of the most important common factors across different therapy modalities.  While there is a great deal of research available on what the alliance does, much less investigation has been done on how the alliance does what it does. My research addresses this question by describing in fine grained detail the interactive processes through which therapeutic collaboration, the core dimension of alliance, is developed and articulated, in a moment to moment level, with client’s change. For that purpose we construct a research tool: the Therapeutic Collaboration Coding System (TCCS). My research team has been studying how therapeutic collaboration evolves throughout the therapy process of good, poor and dropout cases or samples, using the TCCS. Moreover, I am interested in studying this relational micro process within significant change moments identified from the client, therapist or observer perspectives.  Recently, I introduced a psychophysiological component in my research project, aiming to articulate biological and psychological processes in the study of effective therapeutic collaboration.


Curriculum Vitae (DeGóis)

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